Vladimira Lenora van Maydestone
AKA: "Visceraline"
Vital statistics
Position Thirteenth, Critical Class/ Maximum Containees
Age Unknown, presumably between 5 and 9
Status Mostly Contained
Physical attributes
Height 3' 5
Weight About 52 pounds

Backstory Edit

Her backstory is relatively unknown besides the fact that she was born into and is the remaining one of a wealthy family. Before being inducted, she was living alone in shadowy mansion somewhere in Europe, in which she had lived undetected. The circumstances of what happened to her parents remain unsaid but it has been speculated that she may have contributed to them

Appearance Edit

Visceraline's Eyes

Visceraline's rarely seen eyes

Her general appearance is that of a young girl with rather motley mixed color hair, the bangs of which typically covering her eyes, with a barely seen flower in it. She usually wears black pointe shoes and a black tutu like dress with have concealed blades and red bloomers, along with a pearl necklace She is normally seen smiling and typically never stops, even when insulted, sad, or angered. For some reason she tends to have blood tears streaming from one eye down her face.

Her eyes are hard to describe when seen but it is clear that one of them is of similar coloration to her hair and the other is typically bloodshot.

Personality Edit

For a child, she has a rather sadistic disposition, having no semblance of empathy and seems to be fairly quick to anger but, at the same time, is rather cheerful and tends to see life as a game and other people as toys (i.e dollies).