Temperance Moretti
Vital statistics
Position Twenty-Fourth, Royalty Subclass
Age Late 20s-early 30s
Status Alive, currently travelling the world
Physical attributes
Height 5' 8
Weight 300.5 pounds

Backstory Edit

She was born in Sicily and is the daughter of a Sicilian Mafia boss. After awhile of living in nothing but leisure and luxury, she let her figure go and found herself hating what she looked like. After some time, she grew bored and left Sicily.

General Appearance Edit

She is a rather obese woman with auburn hair and brown eyes, typically wearing an off-shoulder red dress with red shoes. Normally she is seen wearing red makeup.

Personality Edit

She has some kind of body image issues, desiring to be "pretty". She is known for her foul temper and is rather haughty and spoiled. However, when angered, she flies in to murderous rage.