Remilia Fraulein Petersen
Vital statistics
Position Seventh, X Class
Age Younger than 30
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 9
Weight 145 pounds
The Seventh

Backstory Edit

Not much she is really known about her besides that her she was born to Francesca and Nikolai Petersen and that her birth name is Fraulein Petersen. After giving birth to her, her mother was ill for most of her childhood up until her death when Remilia was eight years old and her father had already abandoned the family, later on perishing in accident eleven years afterwards. She notes that afterwards she was sent away to live somewhere and was given the task of sorting papers, before discovering her newfound forging ability. Sometime, afterward, she was sent to live with a crime-lord, to whom she noted was kind and doting, who gave her the name "Remilia". Eventually, her adoptive father sent her live elsewhere so her life wouldn't be threatened, the which in a year of he was killed.

General Appearance Edit

She is a woman with green eyes and black hair with a red streak, tied in curls. She is usually seen in a red dress and pear necklace, smoking a cigarette. She also wears red shoes and an eyepatch. She also has a somewhat hourglass shape