Razelle Anne Serchendistroy
Razeanne Serchendestroy
Razelle Anne "Razeanne" Searchendistroy
Vital statistics
Position Third, Moderate Class
Age 14
Status Roaming
Physical attributes
Height 4' 5
Weight 120 pounds
The Third

Backstory Edit

No exact information is known besides that she was born in Texas and is suffering the further onsets of psychosis. She left Texas after she had set her house on fire, presumably killing her parents and grandmother. Before induction, she was roaming around, committing violent acts while unrestrained in her periods of delirium.

General Appearance Edit

She has aqua green hair and eyes and is usually drooling. She wears orthodontic head gear and has staples on the side of her face and arm. She wears a black skirt, boots, and a purple shirt. She wears black eyeliner on the top eyelid of her left eye and purple eyeliner on the bottom eyelid of her right eye.

Personality Edit

Her exact personality is hard to pin down but what is known, she tends to be rather fun loving and slides between having some semblance of remorse and being indifferent. On the other hand, even when incoherent or delerious, she is described as being rather pleasant.