The Fifth

Malou Voordehuid
Malou Avatar
Vital statistics
Position Fifth, X Class
Age Unknown, assumed to be in the range of 3-5 years
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2' 2
Weight 52 pounds

Backstory Edit

She was born in Drenthe in the city of Assen and, according to her, she lived on a farm with cows. When she was at her current age, she put a match in a gas or oil pipe leading for the farm to explode. She can't go black to Assen because of an unknown incident involving her cinderblock.

General Appearance Edit

She had the appearance of a young child with an eye partially open and drool coming from her mouth. She also has scars on her face and one of her forearms and unkempt hair tied back in braids. She also wears gold earrings and bracelet. Usually, she is seen in a pink dress, necklace, pink flats, and blue socks.

Personality Edit

Difficult to describe, as she is still very young, though what can be said is that she has a rather distorted view of the world, likely from some experience.