Henrietta, Hattie, and Munchie
Henrietta, Hattie and Munchie
Vital statistics
Position Twenty-first, Twenty-Second, and Twenty-Third, Abandonment Class
Age 14.5 (Henrietta), 6 (Hattie), and presumably 1 (Munchie)
Status Living in a makeshift shack in some junkyard
Physical attributes
Height 4' 6 (Henrietta), 3' 5 (Hattie), and 1' 2 (Munchie)
Weight 95 pounds (Henrietta), 33 pounds (Hattie), and 16 pounds (Munchie)

Backstory Edit

What is clear about the sisters is that they were living in a junkyard for some time and the whereabouts of their parents is unknown.

General Appearance Edit

The similarities between the sisters is that they all have blonde hair of varying shades and cool colored eyes, as well as teeth protruding from their mouth.

Henrietta is typically seen in overalls that minus one strap and a baseball shirt, with blue socks and pink shoes. Her blond hair is rather curlyish and she wears some of it wrapped around a wrench.

Hattie is typically seen in a ragged polka dot dress with denim shorts and pink socks. Her long blonde hair is held in a side-tail by a wingnut. She also has freckles and one of her eyes appears not to function, as one of the pupils is smaller than the other.

Munchie is typically seen wearing whatever could suffice for clothes. She wears no diapers and isn't wearing any footwear. Some of her hair is bound by hair bobbles.

Personalities Edit

Henrietta, being the oldest, is often assertive and is tomboyish in behavior and demeanor but is very protective of her sisters, being quick to attack something she perceives could be a threat. However, she is also likely to dabble in something morally questionable seeing as she has no clear sense of right and wrong but, at the same time, she does demonstrate restraint and is quick to show mercy. Secretly, she is kindhearted and is quick to empathize.

Hattie is noted to be rather gullible, believing almost anything, and is very trusting. She is also mischievous and is likes to engage in fights and is shown to be rather cruel, seeing violence as a must. Often, that drives her to do reckless things.

Munchie is cheerful and playful but fearless and tends to gravitate towards her older sister Henrietta. She is usually driven by impulse, moreso than logic and instinct.