Jemima Steele
Jemima Steele Avatar
Vital statistics
Position Eighth, Runaway Class
Age About Sixteen
Status Roaming
Physical attributes
Height 5 '5
Weight 170 pounds

Backstory Edit

Born in Cleveland, Jemima decided to dedicate herself to a life of roaming, after injuring twelve children for allegedly calling her a "fatass". Soon after fleeing Cleveland, she took up residence in New Orleans, until she received an acceptance letter.

Appearance Edit

Generally seen in blue shirt with hearts and kiss mark on it, pink boots, and shorts. She wears silver bracelets, blue eyeshadow, pink nail polish (or otherwise pink fake fingernails), and heart tattoos. Her hair black with patches of pink. Her eyes are blue and she is rather heavyset

Personality Edit

Her personality is rather vague but what can be said is that she profound disliking of someone mentioning her weight and the insults thereof, suggesting she has some kind of body issues.

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