Io McMorrison
AKA: "Nightmare Fuel"
Vital statistics
Position Fourteenth, Runaway Class
Age 14.5
Status Currently residing with Genevieve
Physical attributes
Height 4' 5
Weight 98 pounds

Backstory Edit

Io was born in Indianapolis to her parents Melinda and Archibald McMorrison with some kind of deformity where some of her teeth grow through the skin surrounding her mouth. After facing relentless bullying from the other children, she ran away from home, later on acquiring a hook in which to use as weapon and to fight back. She later went to stay with an elderly woman, named Genevieve, who offered to hide her from her parents, despite criminal risks.

General Appearance Edit

She is a girl of moderate height, with two toned blonde hair tied in a high ponytail with the end of it dyed in blue, and blue eyes. She is usually wearing a light dress, pair of leggings, and shoes. She also has little scars on her legs, as a result of using her hook. Her most telling feature is her teeth which grow through the flesh surrounding her mouth.

Personality Edit

She has a rather cheerful personality and is not always quick to resort to violence but, at the same time, sees it as her being playful, which cannot be helped as she is emotionally stunted by the bullying she's taken. Oddly, she is shows remorse and is quick to repent when she think she's done something wrong but is capable of acknowledging when or when she is or isn't able to stop. However, when angered, she can be vindictive and will lash out violently at the nearest thing, be that living or not. Arguably, she has some hatred towards her appearance because of the bullying and is quick to lash out at mirrors. She is also prone to rage fits.

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