Genevieve Marshrabbit
Vital statistics
Position Twenty-fifth, Senior Class
Age About 69
Status Alive and Still kicking,
Physical attributes
Height 5' 57
Weight About 270 pounds

Backstory Edit

She was born in Charleston, West Virginia, to Eloise and Gregory Shetfield. When she was twenty-three and heavily pregnant, she was pushed into marrying Malcolm Marshrabbit, later on giving birth to a litter of nine. Three years into her marriage, she found her husband was having an affair, driving her to poison him in a fit of upset. As her children grew up, she was noted to marrying husband after husband, killing at least seven husbands, until, ultimately, her final husband perished and she changed her last name back to Marshrabbit

General Appearance Edit

Her general appearance is that of an elderly woman, wearing a pink shawl and blue dress with some kind of pattern. She also wears blue boots and wears a bun with her beige rose hair. She tends to wear blue eyeliner and red lipstick, along with a blue streak and ribbon in her hair. She also wears a pearl necklace and silver thin rimmed glasses with an eyeglass chain. She also has blue eyes.

Personality Edit

On the surface, she masquerades as a kind grandmotherly woman, however, beneath her kind exterior is a woman who is bitter, foul tempered, manipulative, and rather malicious. However, she does have a soft spot for her family and Io and only shows kindness to them but woe betides them if they cross her.

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