Fleurdelice Belladonna Fae Chantrea Enderstone
Vital statistics
Position Thirty-Second, Normal Subclass
Age 17.5
Status Currently residing in Iowa
Physical attributes
Height 5' 3
Weight 132 pounds

Backstory Edit

She was born in Eldon, Iowa, to her parents Fae and Frey Enderstone. When she was a year old, she underwent a surgery to fix her spinal condition. Having been born with a slightly defective spine and suffering from a condition that affects one of her legs, Fae found she wasn't going to be good at athletics or physical activities, along with being born into a family that values arts and culture, so she's taken up writing, writing her first Gothic novel at age eight. Later on, at age nine, she learned Latin, resolving to speak in that language ever since

General Appearance Edit

She has the typical appearance of a teenage girl black hair, dyed red at the ends, and red eyes, with red lipstick and eyeliner. Her hair is typically tied in pigtails, bound with skull and bone hair pins. She is usually seen wearing black stiletto boots.

Personality Edit

She is noted to be rather cheerful, as well energetic and eccentric, speaking swiftly. Despite her cheerfulness, she is known to be honest and will not sugercoat her words when need to. She is also noted to be rather wise.