Farahilde Fabienne "Fabie" Fredricksen
Vital statistics
Position Thirty-Fourth, Special Contained
Age In the range of 4-6
Status Partially Contained
Physical attributes
Height 3' 2
Weight 25 pounds

Backstory Edit

There isn't very much known about her backstory besides what she claims. According to her, she was born in Norway and that she presently lives in New York with her grandmother.

General Appearance Edit

She has turquoise eyes and blonde hair with black patches, presumably natural. She is normally seen in a pink shirt, yellow pinafore, short pink leggings, and yellow boots. In her hair, she is seen with either pink hair bobbles or bows.

Personality Edit

She is noted to be rather shy and tends to lash out when she feels threatened but is quick to apologize. She is also known to be unwaveringly obedient, not knowing when to question any commands given to her