Fern, Tommie, and Flori
Scissors, Chainsaw, and Nails
Vital statistics
Position Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth, Medium subclass
Age Early to mid 20s
Status Roaming
Physical attributes
Height 6' 2
Weight Unknown

Backstory Edit

The triplets were born in Atlanta Georgia to fairly promiscuous woman named Ange Evans. After Ange gave birth to the triplets, she ended her promiscuous ways as to better care for them but found she had to work nights as a stripper throughout her daughters' childhood, often leaving them with relatives. With the absence of stability in their lives, the triplets started to mingle with negative influences and took to a life of gambling, partying, fighting, and smoking. After one crime, in which they were framed, they had left Atlanta, deciding to go into a life of crime.

General Appearance Edit

The triplets each had blonde hair and blue eyes, as well as wearing similar makeup and similar color scheme in clothes (they mostly have pink in them), however, there are some physical differences between them.

Fern has a scar going from the corner of her mouth to around her right eye, as well as scars looping around her arms and one on her right breast.

Tommie is a tad wider than her sisters and one of her arms and legs are mostly scarred up. She also has a scar on her other arm and one climbing from her side to peering out of her cleavage.

Flori is typically known to have a scar snaking from her cheek to around her left eye. She has a scars on her arms but one if on the inside and one is on the outside. She has a scar on her left breast and left leg. Her most telling feature is her long fingernails.

Personality Edit

One of the most telling of the three is their personality in which it is similar, at the same time different. Fern is often the shy triplet and is usually swings between logic and instinct, usually going along with Tommie's schemes. Tommie is generally the brains of the group, despite being the middle triplet, and has a rather "do first, think or ask questions later" personality and take on life, being the most assertive, at the same time valuing fairness and diplomacy when and wherever it could be useful. Flori is rather vindictive, quick to do harm to anyone who crosses her, be that over the most minor infraction. Of the three, she is most explosive.