Corrine Andrews
AKA: Cori
Vital statistics
Position Twenty-Seventh, Special Class
Age 10
Status Staying at the home base
Physical attributes
Height 3' 10
Weight 45-60 pounds

Backstory Edit

Corrine was born and had spent most of her early childhood in the slums of The Bronx. At age five, she had lit her first fire, causing her burns over at least 50% of body. Soon after the fire, she started to go around setting fires to various things, usually get jailed as a result.

General Appearance Edit

With blue hair and eyes, she is virtually covered in burns and wears a pinkish shirt with a faded butterfly pink dress with blue leggings and socks with pink shoes. For some unknown reason she wears an eye-patch.

Personality Edit

It is hard to discern, seeing is as she has no concept of right and wrong and likes to start fires, at the same time she doesn't to seem to have a fondness for anyone intruding on her fun, be that for whatever reason and will be quick to retaliate.