Butterfly Viscountess
Butterfly Viscountess
Vital statistics
Position Thirty-Third, X Class, Temporary Containees
Age 24.5
Status Temporarily Contained
Physical attributes
Height Between 5' 5 and 6' 11
Weight Roughly 120 pounds

Backstory Edit

According to her, she grew up in the slums of Brooklyn, although, she may be lying, seeing as her accent is consistent with those from South Boston. She was born to her parents Ember and Ernie and has a few younger siblings. Sometime later, when she was about 12 and a half years old, she performed an improv surgery on her pet cat, the which of survived, and, when she was 19, she was mutilated, leaving to repair her own injuries with very little experience.

General Appearance Edit

She has short wild red hair, with a small side tail tied in it and is covered in scars from repairing her wounds and giving herself skin grafts. She wears a red one-strapped top, red thong, with black shorts. Her footwear do not match, as she is usually seen wearing a black boot on one foot and a gym shoe with a long sock on the other. She wears red lipstick and eyeliner. She also has heterochromia.

Personality Edit

Her personality is hard to discern but it is clear that she mostly thrives on her id, sometimes giving no regard to how anyone will be affected by her choices. She is also noted she does exercise her version of standards and is known to value either honesty or dishonesty should she believe a situation may call for it, regardless of whatever it may be. When thwarted, displeased, or otherwise annoyed, she is known to fly into a rage and does that on a fairly constant basis.

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