The Fourth

Atlasnaya Molotov
Vital statistics
Position Fourth, Severe Class
Age Unknown
Status Alive, currently hiding
Physical attributes
Height Roughly 3 3'
Weight About 45 pounds

Backstory Edit

There isn't much information on her as she likes to keep secret of more than what she lets on. What is known is that she was born to abusive Stalinist parents and was sold by them to the Bratfa, when she was seven years old, and was trained to be ruthless. At some point she lost her left limbs to an accident and had her left eye sewn shut. Later on, after burning the headquarters to the ground, she lit made her way to Vermont, eventually destroying the city of Montpelier. She is the fourth inducted.

General Appearance Edit

She is a girl of a vague age and usually wears a black hat and black boots, along with an overcoat with pink trimming and a broken heart pattern on it. She also possesses curlyish pink streaked white hair that is often bound in braided pigtails and pink eyes.

Personality Edit

From what can be seen is that she has a rather jaded and fatalistic personality, as well as a disregard for others, being perfectly accepting to violence.

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