Anwen von Eyre
Von Eyre
Vital statistics
Position Twenty-Sixth, X Class
Age 12.5
Status Terminally Ill
Physical attributes
Height 4' 4
Weight 54 pounds

Backstory Edit

She was born to a middle class family in Sussex, England. Not known for her good health, she fell ill with a crippling and progressive illness at age seven. Her parents took her to various specialists but it was determined her illness was terminal and would claim her life. After living with the disease for about five years and figuring there was nothing left to lose, along with desiring to find a cure for her illness or to prolong her life, she turned to villainy as a way of coping.

General Appearance Edit

She has red hair and green eyes. She also wears a pink dress with pink leggings and pink bow in her hair. She is almost never seen without wheelchair and her bracelet which is her wireless heart monitor. She has a scar on her neck from a recent surgery to place a breathing tube in her throat and has a scar from a surgery to remove a cluster of tumors.

Personality Edit

She is known for her rather resigned and pessimistic demeanor, brought on by her illness. Despite her pessimism, she is quite determined having her last dance. Sometimes, she is noted to behave cheerfully, cherishing little things.