Experiment 0099-404
Vital statistics
Position Thirty-Sixth, Special Subclass
Age 9
Status Eating Cows, Roaming
Physical attributes
Height 2.5 feet
Weight About 20-45 pounds

Backstory Edit

What is known about Mikie is that she was essentially created as a way of surpassing natural expectations but the experiment went awry and she's spent about five years of her existence in a lab, where she was allowed to move about and live freely, under the care of scientists. In being curious, she escaped to the wild, sustaining herself on a diet of duck, deer, and cows. A year ago, she was found and named after the only thing she could say and what was written on one of her tags

General Appearance Edit

She is a child of short stature with black hair and odd eyes. She wears a pink dress and pink nail polish, along with a red collar. Her most telling feature is her mouth with many rows of teeth enable her to eat things much larger than head and she had four hands, slightly branching off from two wrists. She usually wears no shoes and has gold bracelets.

Personality Edit

She is noted to be rather pleasant, if not curious leading for her to put things in her maw to figure out what they are. Surprisingly, she is rather gentle.