Experiment XI 0014101
Vital statistics
Position Thirteeth, Containees
Age Either 6 or 7
Status Contained
Physical attributes
Height 3' 2
Weight 32 pounds

Backstory Edit

Her backstory is rather vague but she was subject to be an experiment ever since she baby. During the course of the experiments, a kindly scientist designated her the name "Marigold" and started to refer to her as such, instead of her her identification number. Recently, the scientist, in secrecy, set her free from the lab in which she was kept.

General Appearance Edit

She has wispy pale blonde hair in two little pigtails bound with orange hair bobbles. She us normally seen in an orange dress with a yellow flower sun pattern on it and orange leggings. Her eyes are pale blue and one of them is wider than the other. She is rather known for her signature smile that involves some of her teeth protruding. Around her neck is some kind of collar and she has her hands in cuffs.

Personality Edit

She is noted to be rather sweet, vibrant, and sunny, "almost like a marigold". She is noted to desire a family and has a profound fascination with family units and the like, along with having a fascination of the world itself, having been so sheltered. She doesn't express annoyance and is known to handle such situations well and neither is she one to frighten, finding such things amusing. She also doesn't know right and from wrong and is very naive.